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A Change is Coming – 2015 Industry Predictions

The Unpredictable Life of a Black Lesbian Mom
A Change is Coming – 2015 Industry Predictions

There is a shift in the air.

No really.

I mean literally, the energy is shifting in the atmosphere. People are coming to self-realization and have a strong desire to embrace who they are and are looking for Life Coaches to support them.

From personal experience, the journey into my higher self, took some time for me to embrace. Felling mired down with being reared in a very religious household, my own personal religious faith, the stereotypes and prejudices against the LGBT community and questioning my own self-worth, I was a walking ball of contradiction with no hopeful end in sight.

It wasn’t until I entered into the world of Life Coaching that I discovered that I wasn’t the only one that had some type of inner struggle.  I also learned that others too had a strong desire to want better and do better and no clue as to where to begin.

As the pull of self improvement gets stronger and stronger, I can’t help be encouraged that the Life Coaching businesses are a steady trend.  Here are my predictions as to what is to come for the remainder of 2015.

My first prediction:  Industry Saturation

The Coaching industry has been growing at a rapid pace for the past few years. Therapists are starting to add Life Coach to their list of credentials.  Some have made the switch due to the stigma that goes along with the title of therapist.  Other have switched more so because people are becoming more self aware. They are veering away from therapist and clinging onto the hems of Life Coaches. Life coaching fills a niche of those desiring support and guidance for a better tomorrow, but do not want to dwell on the past where they no longer live.

My second prediction:  Technology

As technology continues to grow, the convenience of doing everything from shopping to attending church online from the comfort of your own home will also continue to grow.  People enjoy the luxury of being able to attend to their needs without leaving the house.  There is going to be an influx of self-help online schools, workshops, classes being offered.

Third and final prediction:  Holistic Health  

As people begin to heal from the inside out, they will notice other areas in their lives that have been neglected and they are going to take an interest in their overall health. There will be an increase in approaching personal ailments with a holistic approach of mind, body and spirit. They are going to look for alternative medicine to treat their aliments. You are going to see more life coaches partnering with traditional practitioners to offer alternative options to individuals that want to walk the holistic path.

What do you think about these predictions?   Lets talk!

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