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Parenting Coaching

Everyone’s a parent…whether you have children of your own, are around children, or simply parenting yourself (through healing your inner child).

Yet, there is no rule book for parenting…no “one size fits all” approach or style to become the perfect parent. If you’re like most parents, you’re learning as you go, doing the best that you can. Parenting is the most important job you’ll ever have, yet most people receive little or no parenting coaching or training. Worse, the parenting lessons that your parents might have given you could be doing you more harm than good.

Even if you feel you learned some great parenting skills from  your parents, times have changed. Children growing up today are coping with a host of issues that are unique to this day and age, from texting to bullying, Facebook to drugs and alcohol.

We can address these common parenting issues, and more:
positive parenting
•single parenting

•parenting styles
•parenting teenagers
•parenting difficult children
•parenting in blended families / step parenting / co-parenting
•gay and lesbian parenting
•parenting through separation and/or divorce

Our parenting coaching services include:
one-on-one parenting coaching
group parenting coaching
online parenting coaching

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