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Positive Parenting

When it comes to parenting, “one size doesn’t fit all.” No two parents are alike, and no two children are the same. There is no parenting class, book, course, or advice that will work, across the board.

If you’d like personalized support in your parenting, we offer parenting coaching, including one-on-one sessions, group coaching, and online coaching. Once a month, we also offer a free teleclass on parenting.

Through positive parenting coaching, we can help you work on issues with your children, such as:

•inappropriate behavior / tantrums / acting out

•lying / cheating / stealing

•discipline / punishments and rewards
•helicopter parenting (being involved and protective, without hovering)
•monitoring activities (such as Facebook, texting, and online activities)
•appropriate friendships
•coping with teenagers

We can also help you work on issues that affect you as a parent, such as:
•self care / taking care of yourself
•time management / finding time for yourself
•co-parenting / step parenting
•parenting in a blended family
•parenting as a gay or lesbian

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