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Three Myths Dispelled about Life Coaches

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Three Myths Dispelled about Life Coaches

As with any Industry there are going to be questions. The Coaching industry is no different. The problem is, if these questions go unanswered they will get answered in a way that will perpetuate commonly mistaken myths.

Life Coaching brings self-awareness and with self-awareness the desire to live in truth is sought after, welcomed, and embraced in all areas of one’s life. I’ve had to dispel a lot of myths since I started working with my clients.  Although, I focus on only three here, as with life, there are many more.


Myth 3

Personal coaches and professional coaches are different experts in the same Industry.


There is no difference between a personal coach and a professional coach.  Life coaches are experts in the Coaching Industry. They should be able to coach individuals in all aspects of their lives, personal and professional. This is what a good coach does. 

They coach.

Life Coaches can develop a niche or a target market as to the type of clients they would like to attract and/or work with. But that is not necessary, as coaching is something that transcends pigeon holing.

Myth 2

Coaches tell you what to do.


Life coaches are discouraged from telling their clients what to do. Instead, life coaches encourage their clients and support them as they think of ways that will support a change in their clients’ behavior.  The purpose of this type of coaching is for the change to become a habit.

Myth 1

Life coaches are therapists.


Therapists have degrees that they have obtained years of schooling. They have earned extra letters behind their name to do what they do. Therapists typically help their clients confront issues of their past.

Life Coaches don’t have to have those academic credentials.  There are no degree requirements to become a life coach.   It is, however, encouraged for life coaches to obtain a certification through a reputable institution that will provide them with formal training.  This helps to give their clients peace of mind, and the coaches themselves formal training in the in the industry and credibility.  Life coaches’ most important asset that they bring is their life experience and their ability to motivate and inspire.  Life coaches help support their clients in setting and accomplishing goals for their future.

This is but three myths associated with being a Life Coach.  Were you aware of any of these myths? Let’s talk.


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