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Top 5 Things Parents Need to Know about Common Core

Top 5 Things Parents Need to Know about Common Core

Top 5 Things Parents Need to Know about Common Core

Has your child recently come home with a math assignment that you helped them with that contained a low score or explanations as to why they should try it the “new way” and not solve using the “old way”? In your mind you know that the answers were correct because you checked them yourself but then there is this message about the new way and you are confused as to what went wrong. When you request an explanation from the teacher you get a response similar to the one above (left) and you think to yourself “Who solves simple math like this and why?” or “What in the world is common core and why must my child learn this way?”

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is a set of standards in English/ Language Arts and Mathematics for grades K-12.

 My name is LaTishia Jordan and I am the owner of Nashville Learning Center which is tutoring and test prep company in Nashville, Tennessee servicing students all across the nation with our online program and students in the Nashville metropolitan area through our onsite/mobile program. I have worked as an educator for over 20 years and have been invited by Jasmine to write a guest posts for her blog.

 Today we will review the top 5 tips parents should know about Common Core.

  1.  Better Standards/ Better Assessments – teachers will be administering assessment tests via computer therefore having the ability to cater the lessons to the needs of the students based in the test results.

  2. Consistent learning goals for students regardless of where they live. So if you choose to relocate to another state your child will have the ability to pick up where they left off because everyone will be working from the same standards and should be covering the same material at the same time.

  3. Standards are not curriculum. Standards are a guideline for teachers to follow but it is not a curriculum. In other words teachers still choose their own lesson plans and how to get the material across to the students.

  4. CCSS is cost saving because it keeps students from taking unnecessary courses and allows students to take the ACT which is the college entrance exam for free.

  5. CCSS prepares students to be well prepared for college, technical education, or the workplace after high school graduation.

As you can see although common core may seem difficult based upon the problem on the left it really does make sense if you look at the problem on the right. It is especially beneficial to those students who may have to move a lot due to their parent’s employment or even custody related moves. Again common core provides teachers with standards and not a method or curriculum in which to teach from. For more information on common core feel free to visit our blog at or feel free to contact us using any of the methods below:

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  1. Thank you for shedding more light on this subject! As a parent, I am often challenged by the changes in the way schools educate my children, I appreciate your guidance.

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